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Animal - EP (2016) Press


Cincinnati CityBeat - Dark Colour Showcases Evolution on 'Animal' EP - Reviews: Dark Colour 


Poule D'Or - morceau du jour: Dark Colour - Sunset


The News Record - Dark Colour's newest EP "Animal" enters your ears on a reverberating sonic highway 


Impose Magazine - Dark Colour Week In Pop Interview 



Artist Features


Impose Magazine - Dark Colour Explained And Explored (2013) 


The News Record - TNR Presents: Local band Dark Colour performs, talks music (2015)


The News Record - Local electronic band Dark Colour forges connections with listeners (2015)


Forthebeat - New Artist Dark Colour (2011)



Animal / In My Mind Singles (2015) - Dark Colour Release New Studio Recordings 


Impose - Week In Pop: Dark Colour, Howth, Soul Glimpse, Zoe Kiefl



Prisoner (2013) Press


lesinrocks (French) - Dark Colour // Be Your Man


Impose Magazine - Dark Colour Explained And Explored 


Cincinnati CityBeat - REVIEW: Dark Colour - 'Prisoner' 


Stereo Subversion - Dark Colour - "Reach for the Night" 



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